Palm Springs Packing Musts

Ah, the thrill of packing for a vacation. If you’re like me, this thrill is especially great when you get to pull out all of your cute summer clothes that have somehow already made their way to the back of your closet (darn Vancouver rain). As I’m curled up by the fire dreaming of Palm Springs, I’m going to share with you my packing musts.


Mirrored Aviators
I personally love the trend of mirrored lenses. Mine are polarized which is great for taking the glare off the water on your vacay. An added bonus: the lense is reflective and not see through. Hello people watching! The ones featured are my new Ray-Bans. Check them out here.

Cute Bikini
Duh. A bathing suit is a must have if your vacation is around water. You can never go wrong with black, but I always like to try to scope out unique and different pieces to mix and match. My latest find is this seashell top. Don’t try to tell me you don’t secretly want to be a mermaid too.

Easy Cover Up
A nice cover up is great to have in your beach bag. Lots of cafes and bars have “no shirt no shoes no service” policies, so having something to throw on is a good idea.

Sun Hat
Protect your skin!!! I remember despising the days when my mother forced me to wear a bucket hat (long before they were cool) every time I went swimming as a kid. Now I never go to the beach without one. The skin on your face is so delicate it really needs sunscreen AND a hat.
Tip: straw hats tend to shrink when went, so watch out putting it on if your hair is wet.

Converse are a must have when traveling for me. They’re great for travel days because you can kick ’em off easy at airport security. They are also nice to wear on travel days if you’re like me and don’t want to leave Vancouver in flip flops when its 10 degrees Celuis and pouring rain. I like to wear my converse on any days that I plan on doing adventuring during my vacation. Whether I’m hitting up the outlet mall, or taking a Disneyland day, if I’m going to be doing a lot of walking I prefer sneakers.

Blanket Scarf
My last must have is a big blanket scarf. I really like these for a few reasons. I find 95% of airplanes to be freezing, so a nice cozy scarf is great to wrap around me. Another reason I like bringing one is sometimes it can cool down a lot at night depending on your holiday destination. A scarf easily makes for a fancy shawl at dinner if its chilly. Mine is from Artizia.

What are your packing musts? Share in the comments below!

xo M

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